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Fireman’s Park

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Fireman’s Park as it is now.

Virtual Tour of park after upgrades

Donations are fully tax deductible, a receipt will be provided if requested.  Thank you.

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Park Project

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Projected Costs

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We are excited to announce a project that our parent group “Palmyra 250th Anniversary” is working on. We had money left in the treasury after all the celebrations were done and we had to come up with an idea of how to spend it. It had to be something that would benefit the entire community. We formed a committee and decided we would revitalize fireman’s park. Many of you enjoyed that park either as a child or with your children, for many years. Over time the park has kind of gotten neglected and forgotten about. Vandals destroyed the few remaining pieces of the once lovely playground. We want to bring the park back and make it better then ever! Our hope is that the community will come to think of it as the hub of fun and a place to gather for family reunions, picnics or other events. We are still in the planning stages, and you won’t see any progress until the spring of 2013, but rest assured we will be meeting every month until then working hard to make this a reality.

Currently we are drawing up plans to submit to the state to try and get matching grant money. We are also trying to get as much monetary support from local businesses, groups, and individuals. The more money and pledges we receive over the next few weeks, the greater the grant amount will be, as the grant is basically a matching funds grant. We are hoping we can go to the state with at least $110,000.00 which would then be matched. This would allow us to complete phase 1 of the renovations. Phase 1 would consist of basic infrastructure (entrances, sidewalks, lighting, parking) as well as one of the football fields and the playground. Phase 2 would be completed sometime in the future, possibly a second grant. We are hoping with the interest spawned with phase 1 well will raise enough money to finish the park.

We are hoping that by Christmas of this year, the grant will have been approved, then as soon as the weather warms up, we will begin!

Total projected costs for phase 1 and 2 is to be $473,000.00

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You may have seen, some preliminary work has finally gotten going at the park. Bulldozers on site. The old lighting posts have been taken down. Some trees have been cut down. We should see some real progress now. Depending on the winter weather we still hope to be finishing up before midget football season begins in 2016. Its been 5 years in the making!  

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